Who Says You Can’t Have Halloween in Rural China

Anyone who knows me from the real world knows that I am always loathe to miss the opportunity that Halloween provides to dress up like an idiot and eat inappropriate amounts of candy. I was travelling over Halloween weekend last year, and was pretty disappointed to miss it, so I resolved that I wouldn’t let the same thing happen last year. Along with the help of my roommate and fellow volunteer here at ARDY, I think we made the best approximation of a Halloween party that you can have in rural China, which I’m pretty proud of.  My fellow volunteer and ARDY and I co-opted the apartment of his great aunt that lives in Jincheng for the party, and invited a few friends of mine who teach at a local English academy. Here are pics:

Most importantly, pumpkins, or some variation of orange gourd, is commonly grown in Yilong. While most of the ones that people eat here are long and skinny, some hunting through the morning vegetable market yielded a few round ones.








My friend's little cousin, who lives with his aunt--Chinese pumpkins look the same on the inside.

My teacher friends sporting the awesome masks we bought--suitable either for Halloween or for a low-budget bank heist



kekekekekeke ^_^




My friend's little cousin pulled this whole jack-o-lantern off by himself. I was so impressed.

All three finished products

The mask is apparently a character from the Chinese folk novel "Journey to the West," but I think it's plenty scary




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2 Responses to “Who Says You Can’t Have Halloween in Rural China”

  1. depaulenggrads Says:

    jeez that mask is creepy.

  2. 曾泽南 Says:

    haha, that`s funny

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