Yes, I’m Still Blogging

The few of you who still read this probably mostly know that for the last couple of months I have, in some sense, been blogging a lie. Although I’ve still been writing about my time in Sichuan, my gig with the Association for the Rural Development of Yilong County ended in mid-November. Even as I was leaving, Yilong managed to throw me for a loop one last time. My train back to Beijing left from Nanchong, the nearest city large enough to have a train station. Since the night train didn’t leave until late at night, I waited until the evening to call a taxi to take me to Nanchong. However, I didn’t count on the late-night fog which accumulates in mountainous areas during the winter in Sichuan. The fog was literally so thick that we could barely see two meters in front of us. For most of the three-hour ride the driver crept along the road, completely blind except for a view of the painted lines immediately outside the car window which served as our only warning whenever the road entered a sharp hairpin turn.

I have now been back in the US for a little over two months, crashing with various friends and family in various states–mostly in California–and sending out more cover letters than I can count. I’m still not entirely sure where I’ll end up next, or what I’ll be doing, but with any luck it will still be something related to China. In any case, wherever I end up I intend, at least, to keep blogging, primarily about topics related to China, though the content may shift somewhat depending on what the focus of the next job is. I promise to attempt to remain relevant at least, so I hope my throngs of dedicated readers will keep checking back. Over the next couple of weeks I intend to keep writing about Sichuan, as I still have a lot of content saved up which for various reasons I didn’t think was fit to post on the Wokai blog.

So please keep reading!


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3 Responses to “Yes, I’m Still Blogging”

  1. Roger Sutton Says:

    You think when the time comes you can find me a job?

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