Course Description

My name is Evan Kornbluh, and I graduated from Harvard College with a degree in History in the spring of 2009.  For the 2009-2010 academic year I lived at Peking University (Beida) in Beijing on a travel fellowship from the Harvard Yenching Institute.  In addition, I taught an introductory class in Western History in English to freshmen in the Beida history department.  I created this blog to share some of my observations about life and education at this university, and to share my interest in the state of higher education in China and of the study of history in particular. I have since moved on to an internship with the Association for Rural Development of Yilong County, a grassroots microfinance organization that operates out of northern Sichuan.

While at Harvard, I also heavily involved in a student-run nonprofit organization called project IMUSE, which seeks to increase mutual communication and understanding among Chinese and American college students through a series of sponsored conferences and discussions.  Check the link on the side to learn more about Project IMUSE.


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  1. Linda Behar Says:

    Well, here goes. Hope I am now officially subscribed.

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