Yilong County, Sichuan

Yilong County 仪陇县 occupies a mountainous region in the Northwest of Sichuan province.  The province is the childhood home of Zhu De 朱德, the founder of the Chinese Red Army and main tactical architect of the 1949 revolution.  At about 400 kilometers each from the major cities of Chengdu and Chongqing, it is far removed from the major commercial centers of this large province.  A total land area of 169,170 hectares contains a population of approximately 1,070,000.

Of these,  87% are engaged in some form of agriculture.  Approximately 43% of the population regularly suffer from malnutrition, and 79% have regular difficulty accessing clean drinking water.  Middle-aged residents of the county have an average 4.8 years of schooling, and the current early school dropout rate is 19%.  25% of the population are illiterate or half-illiterate.  The county has received official government recognition as a poverty-stricken area.

Map of Yilong County. The small left map shows the county's position within Sichuan Province, relative to the provincial capitol Chengdu 成都. The larger map shows ARDY's position in the northwest of the county.


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